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White Martins and Praxair


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T-400 NA Oxygen Plant


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    Second Hand TNA Oxygen Plant

    Production Capacity: Oxygen(gas) 9,000Nm3/h,Nitrogen (gas) 13,800 Nm3/h,Argon (liquid) :320Nm3/h

    The plant produces a small amount of liquid oxygen and nitogen as per the two possibilities below :
    1st Possibility : For a Liquid oxygen production level of 150 Nm3/h,we will have nitrogen =0 and Argon =380Nm3/h
    2nd Possibility : For a liquid nitrogen production level of 375 Nm3/h,we will have oxygen 0 and argon =350Nm3/h
    It is mainly composed of: * 1 Demag air compressor,capacity of 63,000 Nm3/h,ABB motor 8,000 HP.
    * Air rectification columns.
    * Columns for argon refining process.
    * 2 Sulzer compressors for oxygen output pressure of 25 Kgf/cm2,Toshiba motor 1500HP.
    * 3 Sulzer compressors for nitrogen, with outflow of 1,460Nm3/h each,output pressure of 11.5Kgf/cm2- Toshiba motor.
    * Containers for fluids.
    * 6 Cosmodyne cryogenic pumps.(2 for oxygen, 2 for nitrogen, 2 for argon)

    Level of purity of products :
    Oxygen : 99.5%
    Nitrogen: 99.9%
    Argon : 99.99%
    Plant site general conditions :
    a- Barometric pressure =0.98 bar (absolute)
    b- Temperature of the region where the plant is located :
    Annual average = 27 degree centigrade
    Minimum = 20 degree centigrade
    Maximum = 40 degree centigrade
    C- Area's relative humidity =80%
    The existing spare parts are currently stored in our storehouse and packed as per manufacturer's recommendations . The reversible heat exchanger (RHX) for instance, is packed in nitrogen.The existing spare parts were specifically made for this plant.
    All Technical documents provided by the manufacturer is available in our documentation center.
    Power Installed 11,000 Kva
    Voltage : 13.8kv,2.4kv and 440v
    Main Panels :
    * 01 Panel 13.8 kv-air compressor motor MCP 101
    * 01 Panel 2.4 kV -oxygen compressor motor MCP A,B.C
    * 01 Panel of exciting motor 8000 HP(compressor MCP-102)
    * 01 field panel for motor 1500 HP-10 a,b)
    * 01 MCC 440 V(oxygen,nitrogen and argon pumps)
    * 01 electric rectifier static
    * 01 Panel for protection against overload
    * 01 Field panel (oxygen compressor)
    * 01 field panel (nitrogen compressor)
    * 01 field panel (argon compressor)*
    * 01 field panel (oxygen,nitrogen and argon pumps)  

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