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The steel plant is capable of producing 400,000 MT / annum of finished steel and has an in built flexibility to expand to 600,000 MT / annum of finished steel with slight modifications in the layout.

The caster is capable of producing steel billets, blooms of sizes ranging from 100mm X 100mm to 220mm X 220mm in 4 strands and Slabs of equivalent cross sectional area.

1. 70 Ton EBT Electric Arc Furnace with 42 / 50 MVA Furnace Transformer (GA Danieli / GEC Alsthom)

2. 70 Ton Ladle Furnace with 10 MVA Transformer (GA Danieli / GEC Alsthom)

3. 6 / 11 meter Continuous Casting machine (Concast India make in collaboration with Concast Zurich)

4. 400 m3/hr Oxygen plant (PSA type)

5. 60 / 75 MVA 220 KV / 33KV substation

6. 6 MVA Distribution substation with 33 KV / 440 Volts Transformer for LT line (GA Danieli / GEC Alsthom)

7. Fume Extraction system cum Pollution Control equipment with emission standards at par with International norms (GA Danieli / GEC Alsthom)

8. Automatic feeding of Sponge Iron / DRI upto almost 90% of scrap mix

9. Cranes, Ladles, Charging buckets, Ladle pre-heating system, Refractory Gunning machine, Coke injector and oxygen lancing equipment and all other auxiliary equipments etc.

10. Complete plant and shed with capacity to accommodate VD / VOD and AOD refining facilities

11. Complete spares and stores for the plant

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