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1422 mm Single Stand Reversible 6 HI Cold Rolling Mill


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1422 mm Single Stand Reversible 6 HI Cold Rolling Mill

Material : Hot Rolled Low Carbon Steel Strips in Coils.
Strip Width :
800-mm minimum.
1290 mm maximum.
Input Strip Thickness : 1.6 - 3.0 mm
Output Strip Thickness : 0.15-mm 1.20 mm.
Input Coil Diameters :
Inside : 508 mm.
Outside :1850-mm maximum
Output Coil Diameters :
Inside : 508 mm.
Outside: 1850-mm maximum
Coil Weight :
22,500 Kilograms maximum.
Specific weight 18 kg/mm maximum.
Mill Speed : 1000 Meters per minute maximum.
Maximum Roll Separating Force : 14000KN
Reel Tensions :
120 KN maximum up to 750 MPM.
90 KN maximum above 750 MPM up to 1000MPM.
Work Rolls

Diameter : 425 mm maximum.
Face width : 1422 mm

Intermediate Rolls

Diameter: : 450 mm maximum.
Face width : 1422 mm.

Back up Rolls

Diameter : 1220mm Max.
Face width : 1422mm

Special Mill Features : Hydraulic Automatic Gauge Control. Positive and Negative Work Roll Bending. Intermediate Roll Shifting

PLC based Thyristor Drives with MMI.
Quick Work and Intermediate.Roll Change with side shifter.
Hydraulic Back up Roll Change.
Roll Coolant Metastable type with zonal control.
Overhang expand/collapse type Reel Mandrel with outboard bearing support.
Automatic Hydraulic Gripper on Reels.
Three Roll Type Tensiometer at mill delivery

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