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    Rolling Mill No.1

    For Bars from 8 to 25/30 mm.


    Installed New : 1984 (revamped 1990)
    Capacity : 150,000 tons/per year or 40 tons/per hour

    Average (depending on the product mix).

    Roughing mill : 550 mm. (One Stand 3 Hi)
    Complete with
    Rest bars
    Rolls plus 6 spare rolls and the chocks Etc.
    Motor : 2000 H.P. A.C. motor
    Make : Pellizzari with the flywheel unit and couplings
    etc. 2 Nos Roller tables fitted with the hydraulic cylinders.(for pushing the billets in the roll passes).
    4 Stands 2 Hi 360 mm. (First intermediate) with the pinion cum reduction gear boxes, with D.C. motors of 350 KW each stand.
    4 Stands 2 Hi 300 mm. (Second intermediate) with the pinion cum reduction gear boxes, with 4 350 KW motors for each stand.
    4 Stands 2 Hi 260 mm. (Finishing mill) with suitable pinion cum reduction gear boxes, four 300 KW motors D.C.
    All the 12 stands have rolls, chocks and guides, coupling etc.
    10 centralized lubrication systems complete with the mill.
    2 flying shears for cropping the front and tail end of the bars during rolling operations
    2 Pinch rolls along with the shears, with D.C. motors for the shears and the pinch rolls.
    2 Flying shears (for the finished product): one for cutting up to 16 mm.and the other for the bigger sizes up to 32 mm.
    Cooling bed completely automatic, 42 meters in length (It accommodates the bar length of 36 meters), fitted with all D.C.motors.
    Drop shute is used for smaller bars up to 16 mm.
    Lifting apron of about 58 meters Used while rolling bigger Dia. bars up to 32mm
    Product shear for the finished bars.
    2 Bundle binding machines (automatic) and a bar stacker (for forming bundles before tying).

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