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Electric Arc Furnace (D Furnace)

Manufacturer Danieli, 1997

Shell diameter 18 feet

Transformer 55 MVA, 3 phase AC

Sidewalls & Roof Water-cooled

Electrode Diameter 20

EBT tapping

Charge size 95 tons scrap

Heat size 80 tons cast

Liquid steel capacity 95 short tons

KWH per ton 410

Oxygen & Carbon MORE Injection lance

Oxy-fuel burners 4 natural gas wall burners

Tap to tap 80 minutes

Average TPH 60 TPH

Spare shell allows complete shell change out

Ladle Refining Station

Manufacturer Midland Ross, 1985

Transformer 15 MVA, 3 phase AC

Electrode diameter 14

KWH/ton 42

Two electric powered ladle transfer cars-1 heat in process, 1 heat queued Alloy bins (8) for automatic alloy weighing and addition PLC controlled injection system/wire feeder Automatic Robotic sampling lab (new 2001) Argon Stirring through porous plugs

Continuous Casting Machine (#3 Caster)

Manufacturer Voest Alpine, 1990

Type 13 foot radius multipoint unbending

Moulds Single taper

Billet Size 5 1/8 x 7 3/8

Number of strands 4

Cut to length Automatic torch

Automatic start

Mould level control Berthold

Electro magnetic stir In mould

Casting speed 55-75 IPM

Spray control 3 zone automatic control

Shrouding Ladle to Tundish, Tundish to mould

Tundishes 5 operating, 2 standby (metering nozzle & slide gate)

Tundish capacity 15 tons

Automatic tundish weighing and sampling

Metacon slidegates casting capability

High frequency, short stroke mould oscillators for improved surface quality

Level 1 & level 2-quality assurance control system

Hydraulic tundish flipper/deskuller (new 2001)

Runout table, pusher, cooling bed system


Scrap yard cranes #18 crane: Provincial 16.5 ton, 440V 3 phase, 77 0 span, electro magnet for scrap bucket loading with 100 round magnet

#17 crane: Provincial 15 ton, 440 V 3 phase, 77 0 span, electro magnet, back up to #18 crane.

Electric furnace shop cranes

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